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  • Puppy Owner: Need my help, I'm here for you.
  • Jr. Puppy Trainer: Kids and guardians set up your on-boarding call here.
  • Rescue: My life's mission is to "keep dogs alive & have them thrive."  I have various FREE programs with a ton of VALUE we can discuss. 
  • Veterinarians: My app has FREE resources for your puppy clients.  
  • Trainer: Learn how the Champion Puppy Training System allows you to operate more profitably while getting more holistic, higher level results...EASIER!
  • Business Owner/Influencer: My business is built from the ground up to provide a great experience for our mutual clients. 
  • Interviews/Speaking: Podcasts or hands-on puppy training workshops, let's make it happen!
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
Resource 1: Skippy is Nippy
Got Kids?   If you do they'll love this book.  

You have 3 options:
1) You read it to them.
2) They read it to you.
3) I'll read it to them via the video book feature.
This book covers:
1) Jumping
2) Nipping
3) Potty Training
4)Playing Best Practices

Many other crucial concepts! 
Resource 2: Puppy Parables
What Kind of Dog are you Developing?

This is a short read (or listen via the audio version) that packs a punch. I've been in the trenches with owners of dogs with severe behavioral concerns that lacks the skill sets to thrive in this world.
Learn from their mistakes and make a couple adjustments in your ownership model to ensure your life is easier and your dogs life is better. 
Resource 3: The Champion's Daily Regimen
Win the Day - Win the Dog Webinar

Stop making your life harder than it has to be and jump on this webinar! You are fighting against universal puppy principles and concepts versus putting them to work for you!
If you are in puppy pain I cover all major owner relief areas including: CHEWING, JUMPING, NIPPING, POTTY TRAINING #1, POTTY TRAINING #2, CRATE TRAINING, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AND SOOOO MUCH MORE! 
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FREE app includes: Skippy is Nippy (kids book), Puppy Parables (e/audio book) & Win the Day - Win the Dog (webinar)
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